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The Power of Finding Strength in Your Own Skin

Society says a lot about how we're supposed to feel about our own appearances. Society sets the standard for what is considered "beautiful" and what is "not."

So what do you do when what you see in the mirror isn't what matches what the beauty standard says is "right"?

I've never been the girl the fit the American standard of beauty. My complexion has always been a little darker, my hair a little kinkier, and my body a little curvier. I've spent a decent amount of time in my life uncomfortable in the skin I'm in - worried about whether or not who I am is enough.

If I can be perfectly honest I never would wear a bathing suit without a huge T-shirt shirt over it. I’d watch my kids play at the beach and would take pictures OF them but would never get in WITH them. I even said "NO" to shorts for a long time because I wasn't comfortable wearing them in public.

Then something happened that changed the whole game...

I decided to claim the body that God created and own it!

When I realized just how much my insecurities were controlling my life, it was time to make a change.

I began affirming myself daily the same way I was teaching my daughters to. I started taking small steps and making tiny brave choices in my wardrobe - wearing styles and colors I never thought I would. I prayed for the Holy Spirit's strength when I was feeling self-conscious. I prayed for confidence.

And you know what started to happen? I began to walk in boldness. I posted photos I never dreamed of posting before. I took fashion risks I was always too scared to take. I started having FUN in my body!

I was learning to appreciate and VALUE the skin God created me in!

Most importantly, I started LIVING LIFE FULLY! I took off the dang t-shirt and got in the water with my kids. I was present for them in a way I hadn't been before.

Seeing the smiles on their face when my answer was finally "YES" when they asked me to swim with them was enough to make me say NO MORE to the fear.

Now, this hasn't been an overnight change and believe me when I say I still have my days when I feel less-than. But when those moments come, I take those thoughts captive & move forward. No amount of insecurity is going to keep me from living my best life with my family!

This is for my thick and curvy girls who feel like you have to be ashamed or hide yourself because you don’t fit certain standards. Stop apologizing. It’s not worrth it. Trust me!

Go out this summer and live your best life! Wear the suit, get in the water and keep working on your health and fitness goals!

And don’t forget to put on your best accessory - a SMILE!

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