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My Story

My name is Melinda Watts, I´m a Sacramento-based Family, Lifestyle & Travel creator. I do social media influencing and am a worship leader, ministering the Gospel of Christ through my music ministry. 


I started on social media by creating daily “pep-talks you didn’t know you needed” during the pandemic and I have shared online a lot of what God was talking to me at the moment. That was when women from all around started coming to my online spaces to get inspiration. God has used my history of anxiety, depression, lack of identity, and unconfidence in my talent to help other women to step on their calling. 

Currently, I am a worship leader and business coach based in Sacramento California. And my true passion is to compose and sing the songs our Heavenly Father composes in my heart. 

I am married to William (17 yrs.) with whom I’ve had my four little treasures: Lyric, Honour Smile, Freedom Song, and Power Chayil!


I love being a wife, and a mom, and I keep encouraging women to find joy in these roles in life. But there is a Truth and Purpose for your life that only God can reveal to you. And I help women to live it!

I'm always sharing my life on Instagram, let's connect!

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