Why You Should Ditch Your New Year’s Resolution and Pick a Word of the Year Instead!

"New year, new me!"

It's become the script that people start saying on January 1st and, if we're being honest, lasts until about January 12th. Harsh, I know. But we're keeping it real around here, right?

And I'm only saying this because I've fallen prey to it too. I've made the astronomical resolutions and made the unrealistic promises to myself on the 1st and when something went wrong on the 8th, I beat myself up and gone was this "new me" I'd bragged about.

I've decided to do it differently - to take on the new year in a way that ENCOURAGES me rather than sets me up to be disappointed.

I’m not knocking resolutions if that’s something you like to do, but I personally believe picking a word for the year is much more powerful than making resolutions. Here are a few reasons why.

This year my word is IMAGINE. I love the scripture Ephesians 3:20-21 and I really love the asking part but I haven’t done much with my imagination! Dreaming up and manifesting what God’s will is for my life.

Finding a word for the year isn’t hard, but it does take time if you want to use it to steer your year in the right direction.