5 Reasons I Love Maxi Dresses!

As the weather's getting warmer, I’m putting away my sweaters and boots and rolling out my favorite summer go-to: maxi dresses!

They’re the perfect piece to roll you from Spring to Summer and well into Fall if you style it right!

Here are 5 reasons why I LOVE maxi dresses!

They’re easy!

Let’s be real - Sometimes I’ve just got too much going on to be worried about trying to make different pieces match! Throwing on a pretty maxi dress makes me feel (and look) put together without having to put too much effort in!

They’re super flattering!

Most of my favorite maxi dresses, including this one, have a slight flare from the waist. They highlight my curves but hide the things I don’t love.

They’re low maintenance!

These are the best dresses to travel with! You just roll them up and throw it in your suitcase! No need to dry clean (0r iron) a good maxi!

They’re comfy!

Depending on the fabric, a maxi dress can feel like pjs! Also - you don’t have to worry about whether or not you shaved your legs :) We alllllllllll know that’s a MAJOR WIN!

They’re a classic!

I love a good trend, but maxi dresses date back to the ’70s so they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon! A solid maxi in a classic silhouette will see you through season after season and all you’ll have to do is update an accessory or two!

This dress is my new favorite and guess what - You can buy it from my shop! Eeekkk!!! Check out the newest additions to my shop here!

You can also shop these cute sandals HERE

Love your Best life Queens! You only get ONE!




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