The Magic of a Perfect Pair of Jeans with Good American Jeans

Jeans. They can be a girl’s best friend or her worst enemy.

Finding a good pair that you love and fit you like a glove and work into your closet seamlessly can often feel like finding a needle in a haystack (or a bathing suit you love - which is a whole other story)!

The perfect pair of jeans can make you feel like a diva! You know that walk you do when you’re feeling your best in your jeans? Yea, that one. THAT’S what good jeans can do!

Being a curvy gal also doesn’t simplify the shopping process either. My needs are different than those of my size 2 friends. The jeans need some stretch for my hips and legs, but can’t gap at the waist! THERE IS NOTHING WORSE THAN WAIST GAP! Yes, I’ve said it and that’s the fashion hill I’m prepared to die on!

There are a couple of key things I look for when I’m shopping for a pair of jeans - the cut, the fit, and the length. Like I said, I’m a curvy gal and I’m on the taller side of life, so if the jeans gap at the waist and are too short, it’s a NO-GO!

Y’all - I’ve found THE PERFECT pair of jeans! But you’ll have to keep scrolling to see what they are :)


Popular cuts and styles of jeans change every couple of years. Skinny jeans have been the creme de la creme from the last decade or so, but flares and bootcuts are making a comeback! As styles come and go with the seasons, I find it’s important to find what you like and make it your own! Personally, skinny jeans will always be a staple in my wardrobe! When done right, they flatter my curves in the best way and are perfect with all of my favorite boots and heels!


These hips don’t love every pair of jeans in the world and they sure don’t lie when something isn’t right! This is where denim with a little give comes into play! I tend to look for jeans that are mostly cotton with just a TOUCH of some sort of stretchy fiber. That blend gives room for my legs and booty without giving a smooshed look - you alllllll know what I’m talking about!

I also LOVE a high waisted pair of jeans! Since I’ve got a narrower waist, they suit my frame the best! This is where that dreaded waist gap can rears its ugly head. The perfect pair of jeans doesn’t gap - and even better? They tuck what needs to be tucked without cutting off blood flow from the top of my body to the bottom!


I’m tall, but not THAT tall, so sometimes a “tall” jean is too long and a “regular” jean is too short. I hate that! I like my skinny jeans to hit just below the ankle - giving room for a cute cuff and sandals or to show off some cute high heels or booties!


Okay if you’ve made it this far, you must be reallllyyyyy curious about these holy grail jeans I’ve found!

Drumroll pleaseee……..


Yep. You read that right. Good American!! I know, I know. But trust me. They are AMAZING! And would I ever lead you wrong?

The Good Legs style has allllll the things I’m looking for and so much more! They hug my curves in all the right places, are the perfect length, and HAVE NO WAIST GAP!!! These coated black jeans are great to elevate a basic look for a little glam too!!

Good American offers different styles, cuts, colors, and focuses (legs & waist) to ensure that every woman can find jeans that are perfect for them and their bodies. Their goal is to “innovate, find solutions, and redefine fashion for the modern woman.” Good American is size inclusive and their primary focus is to represent body acceptance in every woman.

If you’ve been on the search for your closet’s next best friend, look no further than Good American jeans! And while you’re shopping for their jeans, check out their activewear too!

What matters to you in finding the perfect pair of jeans? What pair makes you feel the best? Let me know!!


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