Tabitha Brown Collection at Target

Target recently launched their new line designed by the incredible Tabitha Brown and I am in love! This line is absolutely gorgeous with all the different patterns and colors that are perfect for this summer. Literally, when I walked into Target and saw this line, it was like a breath of fresh air. When you look at her designs you can't help but just feel happy.

I found these two amazing dresses and, I mean, just look how unique each piece is. The first is longer and has a much richer color and then this one is obviously much shorter, but also has this vibrant, light color. I don't know how she does it, but it's amazing how two pieces can be so different yet work so well together.

These dresses are so bold and beautiful and, not to mention, insanely comfortable! I highly recommend checking out this line at Target. There are so many more incredible colors with items ranging from swimwear to workwear. It's seriously such a great line to shop from for the summer. Tabitha, girl, you did an amazing job!!

I put together some of my favorite pieces below for you to shop! Simply click on any of the icons below.


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