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How to Style Your Family for Pictures with Target

There's nothing quite like Sacramento in the Spring! The pollen is INSANE (we ARE the City of Trees, after all), but the weather!! The weather is why you live here. There's nothing better!

With 4 fast-growing kiddos, I like to get family photos every couple of months to keep up with their growth! Thankfully, because of my job, I get to do that!

One thing that can be hard is getting everyone dressed! All of my girls have their own style and Power still wears whatever Mommy wants! ;) Needless to say, I've had to develop a strategy to getting everyone dressed for shoots! Here are some tips for dressing the fam that will help you from going crazy!

Tip 1: Choose your outfit first

When I know what I'm going to wear, it makes it much easier to build around it! A lot of times, I like to stick with a pretty dress (easy!), a solid color or a combination of both! William's wardrobe is pretty neutral, so if he and I can coordinate, I can put more energy into finding things for the kids.

Tip 2: Choose the Color Palette for Everyone Else

After I've got my outfit picked out, I choose the colors for the rest of the family's outfits. I try to keep it to just a couple colors so it's not too busy or chaotic. We play with varying shades of the chosen colors so we don't look like a sports team in a matching uniform. I'm a BIG fan of black, white, beige, and other neutrals with pops of color, which keeps it pretty simple year round!

I like to choose the accent color based on the season!

Spring: pastels and softer colors

Summer: brighter shades of yellow, pink, green, and blue

Fall: rust, olive green, and mustard yellow

Winter: Christmas red, pine green, and lots of metallics

I think this Easter shoot is one of my favorites we've done so far! We went with white & khaki as the base colors with navy & light blue as the accent colors. Target made shopping for all the kids so easy too! Everything I needed in one quick stop!

Tip 3: Keep the Prints Minimal

I try not to use too many prints when it comes to family outfits. A little plaid or animal print here and there makes for the perfect accent to the solids & neutrals. Simplicity is key!

Bonus Tip: Bring Snacks!

I usually try to have a stash of fruit snacks, a granola bar or two, and crackers handy. No mess and no hungry tears! It's a win-win!


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