Work and Play: Reasons to Take a Workation

As more and more of our lives and work moves online, people around the world are taking advantage of new capabilities to work and vacation at the same time, but you don’t have to work solely online to figure out how to work remotely. Workations are becoming one of the latest remote work trends and for good reason.

When you combine work with a vacation, you’re more likely to be productive and a better employee. 

Ok so, What is a workation?

Workation, (noun) – a working vacation, where you go to an exotic location and complete specific tasks or accomplish a goal before you leave. In between work sprints, you vacation. Workationing isn't about taking a vacation from work.

The workation definition is simple: work + a vacation. For most entreprenuers, this means logging into work during the day, answering emails and video conferencing with coworkers, before heading out to explore a new destination. These trips can last a few days or even a few weeks.

For me, this wasn't something that I planned overnight, it was something my sister and I planned to do for quite some time and we set aside time to make it happen!

Because the workation definition is so flexible, people are loving all the reasons to take a vacation while working from your not-so-at home office.

If you’ve been around here long, you know I LOVE my work. Truly. I love what I get to spend my days doing: leading worship, blogging, traveling, and all the odds and ends in between.

This year, though the hottest of messes, God has continued to roll out His best. Things that I’ve been praying for a long time are coming to fruition. It’s been AMAZING, but my plate has been full and ya girl needed a second to breathe.

This season has been tough - working from home, teaching the kids from home, sending them back to school but still having to teach the little ones at home.. and because of COVID pretty much allllllll of life is happening at home.

Please don’t get me wrong, I LOVE having time at home with my family, but this girl craves adventure, so months on end at the house can start to stifle my creativity. I'm a creative at heart so nothing inspires me more than adventure and being in a different environment!

I’ve always found it helpful when I need to be refreshed, to change up the scenery! Finding a fresh place to work from home helps get my creativity movin’ and shakin’ and the lack of kiddos helps my productivity (I know I’m not the only one)!

So my best friend and sister Tash decided to pack our bags and head to Southern California for a few days of rest and productivity!

Y’all, those few days were everything I needed and more! Spending a couple of nights at Jamaica Bay Inn in Marina Del Rey with one of my best friends was just the relaxing workation that this mama needed!

I was able to stop, catch my breath, and get a TON of work done!

Our room was perfection: big, spacious & airy with all the amenities needed for me to handle the business! I found myself spending a lot of time on my laptop on our cute & cozy balcony looking out at the marina.

The view was breathtaking and was the best backdrop for work!

The kind people at Jamaica Bay Inn understand that people want and need a place to work from home away from home and they make it super easy and accommodating! Guests have access to laptops & phones in rooms and quiet space if you need to jump on a conference call.

What takes “working from home” and raises it times a million? A view of the ocean!! The marina right outside our window was GORGEOUS! Full of yachts and boats, the view was serene, peaceful, and so inspiring. My creativity was flowing thanks to the INCREDIBLE view & set-up at Jamaica Bay Inn!

One of the best parts about traveling is taking a break from being the one cooking dinner and doing the dishes - anyone else agree?

My workation and Mama getaway was taken to the next level when we sat down to eat at Jamaica Bay Inn’s own Beachside Restaurant. THE FOOD, Y’ALL!!!! And as a lover and appreciator of good food, these plates were speaking my love language!

Every single bite of both dinner and brunch was to die for! I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t been thinking about the AMAZING salmon we had for dinner - definitely my favorite bite!

All the food we ate was both DELICIOUS and healthy, which is a big win in my book. The chicken and waffles we had for brunch were a calorie splurge, but dang they were good! If you ever find yourself in Marina Del Rey, I strongly suggest stopping by Beachside Restaurant for a meal!

The service at Beachside Restaurant and Jamaica Bay Inn was above and beyond all expectations! We felt so taken care of! They had everything laid out for us the whole time we were there. From check-in to check-out, we were spoiled rotten! We felt so special and to be honest, that’s exactly what this mama needed!

Sometimes when I’m traveling, I find myself thinking “Oh gosh, I wonder how things are going at home?” Not because I think things are wild or crazy, but because mom-guilt is real.

I’m so thankful for the way my family (immediate and extended) rallies behind me and William to make this happen! They have always supported me so that I could come, work, lead worship and have these moments of fun too!

Traveling with my family is the absolute best, but sometimes, Mama needs some time with her girls! I’m constantly having to remind myself “Melinda, you can’t pour from an empty cup,” which helps me keep most of the mom guilt at bay.

I could not recommend Jamaica Bay Inn & Beachside Restaurant more! Everything from beginning to end was a dream! I can’t wait to go back!


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