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5 Reasons to Add a Collagen Supplement to Your Diet with Dose & Co.

When I started hearing about collagen supplements a while back, I wasn't sure why it was something that needed to be added to my diet. "One more supplement? No thanks."

Then I started to do a little research on the health & beauty benefits of collagen and I changed my tune and began my hunt for a good-tasting collagen powder that packed the wellness punch I'd read about!

Before I talk about the collagen that I found and love, here are 5 reasons you're gonna want to add one to your shopping list!

Collagen reduces wrinkles & cellulite!

And all God's children said "AMEN"! Collagen is what our body produces for skin elasticity, so adding a little boost helps keep your skin youthful!

Collagen keeps your nails strong!

Collagen is the most abundant protein in our bodies and acts as a building block to give your nails extra strength.

Collagen prevents hair loss & thinning!

Just like our nails, collagen helps keep your hair strong. Hair shedding is normal, but adding collagen keeps helps keep your shedding to a healthy level!

Collagen supports gut health!

Adding extra collagen to your diet helps heal leaky gut and even curbs cravings! It can even help decrease inflammation and builds new tissue in your digestive track.

Collagen helps your sleep cycle!

If you take your collagen an hour before bed, it will improve your quality of sleep. Collagen has glycine in it which helps relax your nervous system.

Now to the part you're all wanting to know: What collagen supplement am I using?

Dose & Co.'s Collagen Creamer!

This collagen creamer is so tasty! I add it to my coffee every morning and I've seen a difference in my skin and hair!

Dose & Co. offers their collagen as a powdered creamer, a protein powder, and even as an unflavored powder.

I am LOVING the Caramel Dairy Free creamer! Its so yummy and I know all the benefits I'm adding, which makes it even better!

If you're looking for a collagen supplement to add to your routine, head to Target and give Dose & Co. a try!

Which wellness benefit excites you most about giving a collagen supplement a try?

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