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Still using teething rings to calm a fussy baby? Stop! Use this instead!

This post has been sponsored by Orajel™ Baby. All thoughts and opinions are my own:)

I cannot believe this little man has just turned 1! The way he’s growing blows my mind! His little personality continues to develop and it’s the sweetest thing. Power is truly our dream come true.

He’s been cutting teeth left and right and the poor guy is just uncomfortable 😢 There’s something about a little one that is in pain but can’t fully express why that breaks my heart. All I want to do is take the pain away and give him extra cuddles! But since cuddles don’t always do the trick, I had to find something that would. Thankfully, we found the Orajel™ Non-Medicated Cooling Gels for Teething on a Safeway run and they are AMAZING! These gels help soothe infants who may be teething, upset, cranky or fussy - sounds like a win to me!

I’m super intentional about the things I let my children put in their mouths (from food, medicine, and everything in between) - ESPECIALLY now in the COVID-19 era. With these cooling gels, there’s no need for those germy (and potentially icky) teething rings that hold on to germs forever, ice that doesn’t last long enough, or any other old school trick our parents used.

For the moms that are worried about medication - these are Benzocaine-Free! They are also free from artificial colors, menthol, sugar, parabens, belladonna, sodium lauryl sulfate, gluten, and dairy! Basically - they're a safe, germ-free option for making your little ones 3 months and older comfortable while they’re teething!

These Non-Medicated Cooling Gels have two options: one for day and one for night! The nighttime gel even has chamomile for when it’s time for bed! Power’s gums are soothed with a little extra boost so he’s able to sleep in peace and so are Mom and Dad!

If you’re looking for ways to help your fussy little one, look no further! Make sure to grab some on your next trip to Safeway! Don’t want to go into the store? Place an order on the Safeway mobile app and pick up your groceries without getting out of the car!

What has teething been like for you and your little?

Share with me in the comments below!

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