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Show Love this Valentine's Day with American Greetings!

After the week we just came out of, Lord knows that we could all use a little extra love!

*This post is sponsored by American Greetings but all opinions are my own.

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, my girls and I have been thinking of ways to show our family & friends love in this season.

Whether we’re making festive treats for their neighborhood friends or sending cards to loved ones around the US, the one thing we know will be a part of the place are American Greetings cards from Safeway!

These super cute & heart-felt cards are a simple and affordable way to spread some love and kindness to those around us.

And the fact that you can pick them up while you’re on a Safeway grocery run is the icing on the cake!

Who could you send an American Greetings Valentine’s Day Card to this year? Think outside the box!

Here are some of the ideas we’ve had:

  • Sending cards to the first responders in our lives

It's been a wild year for our local first responders, so taking cards to your local hospitals, testing COVID testing centers, and fire/police departments is a sweet way to remind them that they're loved and appreciated!

  • Reminding my single girlfriends that they are loved and there is love all around them

Sometimes, being single around Valentine's Day is nothing more than a reminder that you're single. Sending a little love to my single girlfriends is a reminder that not being in a relationship doesn't mean they aren't loved!

  • Writing sweet cards to the kids’ teachers for loving them so well in this hectic season

Teachers! God bless them! What a season they've been in! Send cards to your kid's teachers! Want to up the ante? Send a little gift card in with it. They could definitely use the treat!

  • Dropping off cards and letters at our local nursing home

A lot of seniors haven't been able to see their families in person in almost a year. They could use a reminder that they are being thought about - even if it's not by their family member.

  • Making Cupid Baskets for your neighbors and leaving them on their porch

You know how people do those "Boo" Baskets around Halloween? Let's do that for Valentine's Day too! Grab a cute little basket and fill it with candy, treats (individually wrapped, of course), and Valentine's trinkets and drop them off on your neighbor's porch!

Let us know in the comments who you’ll be sharing love with this season!



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