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Must Haves for a Holiday Family Night In with Doughp Cookie Dough!

We love Christmas and we LOVE family nights! There's honestly nothing better than the *rare* night where we're all at home with no plans other than spending some quality time together!

Prior to 2020, we would do family nights out, but since we're limited in the places we can go or things to do this year, we're making the most of family nights at home!

We recently had a holiday-esque family night and we had the best time!! Here are the must-haves for a holiday family night in!

  1. SNACKS!

We're a house of snackers here and every family night needs a good snack! Our go-to is yummy popcorn, but I've got a sweet tooth too, so I like to have something sweet on deck to accompany the salty popcorn! I've recently discovered DOUGHP Cookie Dough and I'm hooked!!

This tasty treat is 100% cookie dough that gets delivered right to your door! You can eat it raw or bake it too! Take that, grocery store labels! It is incredibly delicious - even Power was LOVING it!

But that’s not the only reason why our family has switched to Doughp cookie dough. The story of this company and its founder really connected with my heart! ⁣

After getting sober in 2015, Kelsey (the creator) set off to make the world a little sweeter with Doughp, reducing stigmas around mental health & addiction recovery.⁣

I love this so much and knowing that every time we support this company, they are making an impact in others lives is worth it all!⁣

2. A good movie!

It's not a holiday family night without a good Christmas movie! Some of our favorites are The Grinch (all versions) and Home Alone!

3. Comfy Holiday Jammies!

I'd be lying if I said that a good pair of Christmas pjs wasn't one of my favorite parts of holiday festivities! I'm lucky that my kids are still young enough to think that matching jammies are fun and my husband is a trooper! Target has had an AMAZING selection of matching family pajamas this year, even down to a onesie for your dog!

Family nights are so important. If 2020 has done anything, it's shown me how important it is to really cherish the little moments. As my kids get older, I want to continue to create memories that they'll have for life! They may not remember what they got for Christmas, but they will remember the holiday traditions we've made as a family. They'll remember the times they stayed up late to eat cookie dough and watch The Grinch with their mom and dad!

What are some of your family's holiday traditions? How are you making them extra special this year?



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