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Family Dinner is made easy with InnovAsian!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of InnovAsian. All opinions are entirely my own.

Our family is super busy. That’s no secret. With a house full of kiddos and two working parents, sometimes dinner planning comes down to how simple the meal prep is! Mix the everyday madness with the holiday hustle & bustle and you’ll often find this mama scrambling to find something quick and easy to feed these kids!

I’ve been on the hunt for convenient dishes that I can build our family meals around! I’m no stranger to the frozen section of the grocery store, so if it’s something I can stock up on and have a stash on deck - I’m all for that! And since these little ones can be kind of picky, I’m always looking for something that I can trust will be delicious but also has a few different options just in case (if you know, you know)!

InnovAsian has a line of frozen meals that have made dinner time a breeze at the Watts house! Our family loves Chinese food and to have take-out quality at a fraction of the price in my freezer is something that makes me very happy!

Wanna take the convenience up a notch? I found these at Walmart!!!

These InnovAsian proteins provide a healthy and tasty base to any dinner! Add a side and a veggie and you’ve got a high-quality, low-stress & well-balanced family dinner! The chicken is all white meat with no MSG, so you don’t have to worry about feeding your family something icky!

Here are some yummy family-friendly combinations in case you’re needing some dinner time inspo:

  • InnovAsian Orange Chicken with white rice and steamed green beans

  • InnovAsian General Tso’s Chicken with ramen noodles and broccoli

  • InnovAsian Sweet & Sour Chicken with egg rolls and stir fry veggies

  • InnovAsian Crispy Mango Chicken with fried rice and zucchini

If your family loves Chinese food, this is a great option for you! Add a couple of these to your cart the next time you’re at Walmart or online shopping for curbside pick-up!

So tell me - what’s for dinner?


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