God Bless America!

The creation waits in eager expectation for the sons of God to be revealed"

(Romans 8:19)

So many people worship nature, but the Bible says that nature worships its creator. Isn't it interesting that creation knows what lots of people don't... that God designed and created it.

Because of this knowledge, creation is waiting expectantly for sons of God to be revealed.

My Dearest America,

Anybody who knows me well knows how much I love you and knows how proud I am to be American.

But this year I think I love you a little more.

Not because everything is perfect.

But because I know the promise that’s on the land.

Everyone sees the flaws from the past and how they’ve crept into our present.

But today, as I prayed for you.. God told me to lift up my head and rejoice..

I didn’t quite understand why.

But then just as clear as day I heard these words.. “My hand is on the land.”

America, oh beautiful America. You don’t belong to yourself.

You grounds were created by the same God who created me. So no matter who is in office or in charge or dominant.. the land belongs to the Lord.

When our founding fathers wrote the Declaration of Independence.. it was God-given and PROPHETIC.

Blacks weren’t included on the paper but we were included in the PROMISE. 😩🙌🏽

This land that I live on belongs to ME TOO.

No matter how long we’ve had to fight for equality.. it’s still mine. I get to live out that prophecy and NO ONE can take it from me.

That’s why people all over the world fight just to immigrate and step foot on this land.

Oh America, now that I really see more clearly about who you are.. it doesn’t matter what systems try to break us down.

God's hand is on the land.

So the land has no choice but to shake up everything that’s not like God’s design and intention.

The land was shaking when we fought the British to be free.

The land was shaking when Lincoln said to free the slaves.

It kept shaking for the prophetic. It’s still shaking. Shaking up everything until it becomes what God spoke over it.

Oh America, you’re mine too. You can’t deny me. I love you too much!

That’s why the country shakes and won’t rest.. until it lives out God’s design.. which is liberty and justice for ALL.

Spit on.. but it’s still shakin’

Segregated..still shakin’

Knees on our necks.. but it’s still shaking and God will keep shaking things up until that word spoken comes to pass.

God's hand is on the land and I’m in it. And honestly, there’s no other place our country that I’d rather be.

God’s hand is on this land.. our liberation may have been delayed but it will never be denied.

So I will always pray for you and the people who inhabit you. May we live out the prophecy on this land even more!

God Bless America! My home sweet home!

Here is a conversation I had with the women of Bayside Church for their Monday Motivation series on Instagram Live that highlighted more from our conversation online!

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