Dear Saturday, you are my favorite!

Saturday mornings are definitely my favorite few hours all week. It’s strange to me that I set an alarm all week and can barely manage to get out of bed to get ready throughout the week.

Yet, when Saturday morning rolls around, I like to be up by 6 am if possible! I don’t want to waste a single minute of the weekend.

Although I actually have a decent amount of “alone time” during the week, it typically involves me working on my business, preparing for worship and/or organizing my week.

That’s why Saturday mornings are so precious to me. My family and I set aside each Saturday morning to have a few hours of alone time to do whatever we want before we kick off any projects for the weekend.

I’m typically in my office and they are usually in the kitchen (likely cooking or reading about sports) but these few hours each week recharge us after a long week prior – which is the reason they are so important for all us!

It’s one of the few times in the week I allow myself some idle time. I’m definitely that person that cannot function until I have a cup of coffee in my body! Like, I seriously cannot function at all! The kids could be yelling my name and ya girl is moving like a snail.

Lately I’ve been loving Folgers Instant  for my first cup of coffee. I used to be that Starbucks girl but that adds up so I’ve learned to make the liquid gold happen more at home!

Perfect for times when you need a cup of coffeenow, which could even include those times when you’re waiting for your full pot to brew. Without coffee, I’m basically not human so having immediate access to it makes me happy 🙂

Once I have my coffee in hand and the kids have been fed, I head to my make-shift office. It’s and extra space that we haven’t fully designed yet but it’s the perfect nook for some alone time and thinking!

Although the order of my “tasks” may vary, all are completed and enjoyed equally. First, I’ll usually hop online and scroll Pinterest or Instagram, or get caught up on my reading for the week.

I may ride to the farmers market or take a walk if the weather is nice. I also love to use this time to feel inspired.

Basically I’ll fall down the rabbit hole of anything that catches my attention and its really wonderful to not have an agenda or things I “have” to read or view.

After being in quarantine and in this space forever 🙄🤦🏽‍♀️ It’s crucial for me to break up the monotony and get out into the world!

Usually I am childless and it’s just some me time of I can get out the door!

If the kids wake up early, Typically by 8 am, I’m already loaded up on caffeine and I have figured out our plan for the day and veg time is over.

Cuddling with them while the sun peeks through is the sweetest and my favorite part of the morning! I love the way it feel and peels through the room.

But it really is amazing just how invigorating those few hours each week can set the perfect tone for the whole weekend!

If we have an action-packed weekend, these first few hours can also help us feel like we had a bit of down time, even when the rest of the weekend may end up being hectic.

What are your favorite days/ hours of the week? Do you allow yourself some alone time? Are you one that needs your coffee right away once you wake up? What’s your routine?

I’d love to know!

Until then,

Happy Saturday!


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