4 fun ways to enjoy a mama staycation at home!

School is in, you guys!!! 

I don’t know about you, but that little bit of added structure to the kids’ schedule (even if they are still at home) frees MY schedule up to do a lot of things I’ve been putting on the back burner - like organizing under the bathroom sinks, catching up on paperwork that’s been stacking up, and making some time for ME! 

I am ALL ABOUT a Mama Stay-cation, even if it’s just for a couple hours inside my own house! 

Does anyone else find themselves taking an extra few minutes in the shower just to soak up the alone time? I’m sure I’m not the only one! 

So when the stars align and I find myself with a nice chunk of time for some self-care, I’m making the most of it! 

Here are 4 of my must-haves & tips for making the most of your Mama Stay-cation! 

  1. Must have snacks. Really good snacks! 

I’m a total snacker. What do I need a full meal for when there are snacks?! As I’ve gotten older and have become a mama, I’ve started paying much closer attention to the quality of snacks that I’m keeping in our home. 

Well let me tell ya, I’ve found the ultimate snack for ME that I’ll be keeping in the fridge with “Mommy Only” written on it! 

Say HELLO to Chobani Complete! 

This is the all-star of yogurt! 

It’s complete to solve the nutrition puzzle. Advanced, lactose free, with prebiotics, probiotics, fiber, and a full spectrum of amino acids (15g or more of protein, 3g fiber, and 0g added sugar to be specific!)

Chobani Complete comes in a cup and in a shake -  the single serve packages are super easy to travel with, making it the perfect snack! A shake with a side of charcuterie? That’s my kind of snack!

The strawberry shake is DELISH, and I’m looking forward to getting my hands on the Banana Cream shake too! I’ll definitely be keeping both shakes and cups in my fridge for my mommy treats. 

You gotta have something comfy to wear! 

You know ya girl is all about some comfy clothes. I’m at that point in my life where comfort outweighs trendy and if something is comfortable AND trendy, It’s going in my closet (in probably more than one color)! 

Throughout this stay-at-home season, I’ve been wearing a LOT of athleisure and lounge wear, and let me say, I haven’t hated it! I mean, who wants to wear pants with buttons if you don’t have to? Not me! 

I’ve recently found Tommy John underwear and loungewear and needless to say, I’m OBSESSED! 

The thing I love the most about Tommy John is that it is made for 𝗘𝗩𝗘𝗥𝗬 body and there is #noadjustmentneeded! I just throw on these cute comfies and never have to worry about tugging at the shirt or pulling up the pants with every move. 

I’ve been skeptical of seamless underwear in the past too, since, ya know, I’m no stick figure. BUT! Tommy John’s seamless underwear is a game changer! They don’t ride up! It’s magic, y’all! 

Like I’ve said, function and quality is just as important to me as fashion and with Tommy John, I get all of the above! ⁣

I can’t have a Mama-staycation without the comfies! 

Make sure you’ve got the right playlist!

While my work is music a lot of times, it also brings me so much peace! So since there is never a day that goes by where music is not in the background, I gotta have the right playlist for the occasion! 

From worship music to Beyonce, my music apps have a little bit of everything on them! 

Having a playlist that suits the occasion is a must-do! If I’m looking for a more peaceful, laid back day, I have my playlist that matches that energy. If I’m using my me-time to knock out some work and hype myself up, my Boss Mama playlist does the trick! And if I’m going to take advantage of my time alone and get active, I’ve got a work-out/dance playlist that lifts my mood! 

Setting the tone for your time is a must-do! 

Leave the mom guilt at the door! 

Mamas. I know it’s hard to turn off “mom mode” and be you for a day. Trust me, I know the feeling. BUT! You are a person outside of the little humans you’re raising, so you have to take time for you! 

God has given you gifts, talents, passions, and dreams outside of being mommy, so take this time to explore those things! God has also created you as a human, not a robot, so you have to REST. So even if your stay-cation is only an hour that you lock yourself in your bathroom for a bubble bath, use it to rest! 

If you don’t take care of you, you won’t have the ability to take care of them either. Remember: you can’t fill from an empty cup, so fill up your cup, girl! 

Are you going to be intentional about scheduling a Mama Stay-cation? Let me know what you do - even if it's just 30 minutes in your backyard with a book! 

Take care of yourselves, friends! It’s so important! 

Xo, Melinda 


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